About Us

The Lakeland Aero Modelers are based out of Lyndhurst, New Jersey

Lakeland Aero Club was est. in 1969. Model Aviation is a sport that encompasses the construction and flying of all types of RADIO-CONTROLLED AIRCRAFT. Our club consists of men and women of all ages ranging from 10 to 90. Many of our members are war veterans starting from WWII to more recent conflicts. Some of them were bomber, fighter, and helicopter pilots. Of course, this is not a prerequisite for being a member. All of them still have a common interest --- the love of flying. Lakeland’s 40 year history has always included a respect and support of community. In fact, we have a local high school scholarship fund and support many sports teams at the recreational level. In short, by example, we represent a positive influence to the young people of the community by encouraging them to get involved in their community and model aviation. In doing so, they develop skills that will serve them for a lifetime. Lakeland is looking forward to the next 40 years in this exciting hobby.

What We Offer:
Our Club offers many services and a wealth of information to anyone needing assistance. We have nine instructors to aid in training newcomers. If we can assist you please let us know by email or in a Discussion Group

Our Committee:
President: Buzz Kemp 201-681-4095
Vice President: Roy LaBarbera 201-925-8647
Treasurer: Lloyd Robinson
Secretary: Paul Caputo
Membership: Ray Boos
Webmaster: Lloyd Robinson

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